SO AWC Regulations 2024

The SOAWC is an agility competition based on the FCI Agility regulations of 2023. The competition is open to all dogs, with or without pedigree.
All National Member Organizations of the FCI or National Organizations with a close relationship to the FCI are invited to participate in this event.

All competitors must be citizens of the country which they represent, or they must have their main residence there. Handlers with dual nationality can register only for one country.

All participating dogs must be licensed by their National Member Organization of the FCI or a National Organization with a close relationship to the FCI. All dogs must be 24 months or older on the day of the competition. Each handler can compete with a maximum of 4 dogs.

The competition will be held together with JO AWC. Each National Organization has the right to nominate competitors and to send the entries to the organizer by May 31st at the latest.

Team leaders of the countries will send an information email to the organizer after which they will receive a confirmation of registration and an entry form. If countries decide to have a selection process, this must be open to all dogs (with or without pedigree).

All countries participating can enter a maximum of 32 dogs, with a maximum of 8 dogs in any category. The hosting country is entitled to enter an extra team (4 dogs) in each height category. A dog may only be entered in one age classification at SO AWC.

A list of reserve dogs and handlers can be attached to the entries (a country can send 1 reserve dog per 4 dogs, in each category). The reserve may take the place of an original entry, should the original competitor have to be replaced. The reserve may also be allocated an entry in case of an available spot after the closing of entries. If countries choose to have a selection process, this must be open to all dogs (with or without pedigree).

The winners (same dog and handler) in “individual” (Small – Medium – Intermediate – Large) of the previous SO AWC may register to defend their title. These dogs will simply be added on to the number of dogs allowed for their country.

A country may exceed its quota and additional dogs beyond the maximum will go on the waiting list. After the closing date for entries the organizers may select dogs from the waiting list. Only dogs already on the waiting list will be entered by the organizer. The maximum number of entries is 700 (250 in large and 250 in intermediate).

The names of the 3 or 4 participants making up each team must be sent in before June 15th at the latest. After this date the organizer will combine the remaining participants who are not a member of any team into new teams.

The entry fees are €45,00 for individual or team, €55,00 for both competitions.


Veterinary inspection, identity check and height measuring

During the attendance check the identity of each dog will be checked. Each competitor will submit a document with their photograph confirming the date of birth. The dogs that fail the veterinary inspection are not allowed to take part in either practice or the competition.


SO AWC Age Classification

  • O55 – 55 to 65 years old
  • O65 – over 65 years old

It is the year in which the handler has a birthday that is taken into account, not the actual date of birth.


SO AWC – individuals

The Individual competition is held in the categories Small, Medium, Intermediate and Large divided into O55 and O65. There are two rounds: the first one is the Jumping round, the second is the Agility round. The second round is run in the reversed order according to the results from the first round. The winner is the one with the best total result from both rounds and will gain the title “SO AWC 20XX Winner” O55 or O65 respectively in each height category. A handler with more than one dog should have minimum 20 dogs between each dog (if possible by the number of competitors).


SO AWC – teams

The Team competition (mixed O55 and O65) is held in the categories Small, Medium, Intermediate and Large. The teams in all four categories consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 dogs. There are two rounds in this competition. The first one is the Jumping round, the second is the Agility round. The 3 best results of each team will count. The team with the best overall result will gain the title “SO AWC 20XX Winner in Team” in each height category.


Prize Giving Ceremony

The prize giving for the SO AWC finals will be held on Sunday, after the completion of all final runs. First the top 3 placed Teams of the SO AWC Team Finals in all categories (S, M, I and L) will be announced, the anthem of the winning country will be played. Should the winner be a „Mixed Country Team “, then the European Anthem will be played. Thereafter, the prize giving for the SO AWC Individual Finals will take place. The top 3 places of the final round in all categories will be announced, the national anthem of each winning country will be played.

Privacy Policy

Everyone participating in the Senior Agility World Championships automatically agrees that their participation and their results will be published on the official website and on the website with live results. The information that will be published consists of:

  • Name of the handler (surname + first name)
  • Country
  • Name of the dog (official and call name)
  • Class (L-M-S)
  • Breed
  • Results on the different courses

About Rabies

Vaccination, in addition to a valid European passport, identification by microchip and the proof of a correct immunization of the dog against rabies, is still mandatory to leave the country, and even enter a rabies-free Member State of the EU. The same rules apply for every dog, cat or ferret crossing Belgian borders. The validity of the vaccination is calculated according to the instructions in the leaflet of the vaccine and is registered in the European passport. For an initial or so-called primo-vaccination this period starts at the earliest 21 days after the vaccination. Re-vaccination within the validity period is effective immediately; outside the validity period re-vaccination will be considered as a primo-vaccination.

More aditional information, you can find here :