Hello, I am Anja Diels, 52 years old.

I reside in Herentals with my husband and our two children, Seppe and Gitte. In 2003, I became a judge. My journey in agility began back in 1992. Over the years, I have run with various breeds, including Dobermann, Belgian Tervuren, Border Collie, and Sheltie. My judging experience extends beyond Belgium—I’ve had the privilege of officiating at competitions in other countries as well. Notably, I’ve been part of the FMBB World Championships twice and judged the EO 2013 in Belgium.

My agility journey isn’t limited to judging; I’ve also competed at a high level internationally. Additionally, I’ve taken on the role of coaching the Belgian juniors. This year, I am honored to be selected as a competitor for the AWC (Agility World Championship) in my country, Belgium.
When designing agility courses, I prioritize speed and flow, while ensuring that they remain accessible to all participants. I believe that courses should be enjoyable for both competitors and spectators alike. I eagerly look forward to witnessing everyone’s runs and wish all the competitors the very best of luck.

It’s a privilege for me to judge this special competition. For more information, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook.