Hi everyone… It is very hard to introduce myself but I will try it a little bit. I started with agility 12 years ago with a weimaraner and then continue with a border collie. My border collie has spondylosis and I started thinking about a next breed and I fell in love with mudis.  That's where it all started …

Now I can’t imagine my life without agility. I am trainer, competitor and international judge. I love being in this different positions and being able to look on agility from different sides…

I prefer training independent skills, layering and motivation… for me it’s important that agility is still fun for the dogs and for people too… I like very flow courses with natural lines…

For now I run with my three mudis in medium category.

My biggest achievements are :

  • EO 2019 - team winner.
  • AWC 2019 Vice champion in teams, 3rd place in individual jumping.
  • AWC 2022 - Overall 5th place with Chilli. I was qualified with all my three girls for team- and individual runs.
  • WAO 2022 - Winner in biathlon.
  • AWC 2023 - 2nd place in team jumping medium. I was qualified with my three mudis for team competition and with two for individual.
  • EO 2023 - team winner.
  • WAO 2023 - Winner in biathlon and games, third place in pentathlon